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  1. Those are really cool photos!

    I try to photography my dogs from that perspective sometimes! I have them stand on something and then photograph sort of angled up! It’s fun and I love getting the sky in the background! :D

  2. Hello, great images, I love the textures and the saguaro is cool. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  3. A GREAT IDEA, Mary…I should take my camera to school today and see if when I get out of school (hopefully there will still be light) I can capture another perspective. The fun with photos never ends!

  4. I do the same thing in my favorite wooded areas. I’ve taken some striking fall photos of bright yellow, orange, and red leaves against the deep blue sky, plus I love the perspective of the dark branches coming in from seemingly out of nowhere. I also love taking upward shots of snowfalls, especially when the flakes are large and floating straight down. I’ve seen upward-shot photos of saguaros, but not with your modifications – I like the first one best because to me, it creates an image of the desert heat along with the cacti that thrive on it. I can easily see your photos enhancing all styles of interior design – they’d add a wonderful pop of color.

  5. When Mom was a flight attendant, one thing they were taught in training is not to look up on you layovers. People who are familiar with an area never look up, so if you are looking up, especially in a big city, you are an easy target because chances are you would be a tourist. Nevertheless, we love the angle of looking up in these photos, and I doubt there was a band of robbers waiting to nab you in the desert!

  6. These are striking and beautiful. I too am an up=looker and often it gives the subject a much taller/larger feel. It was great in the redwood forest! Nice job on the textures also.

  7. You’re right about people not looking up. I’ve read that it’s great to post trail cameras really high – no one ever notices them. Also, cougars like to hide up high in trees – so I do look up a fair bit!

    Very cool photos – I love the perspective. Those must be really tall saguaros!

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