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  1. Oh my, she is so cute. Adorable shots of your Torrey! I love them all! Have a happy day!

  2. OH MARY!!!!!! I love them all! She is wearing my favorite color: AQUA! She looks like a city dog now, a girl from TOWN! Yippeeeeeee! Great shots.

  3. Cuteness overload!! I like all the photos, but the ones looking straight into the camera are my favorites. I half expected to see Torrey waving pompoms around! ;)

  4. So incredibly cute!! I had just told Dakota the other day, (when I was playing with his mane), that I was going to put pigtails on him, but I can’t! He’s a boy! lol

  5. That’s the perfect color to compliment her pretty brown eyes. How long did the bows stay put? Both memes are cute, but I’ll choose the first one

  6. I cannot believe you did that to Torrey! She always seemed like a tomboy sort of girl like me. But she is so cute there is no way we can choose! Love dolly

  7. Aawww that’s really cute! Did you tie them on or are they clips? We have hairbow clips for Lexie but somehow she manages to remove and lose them.

  8. Well I prefer my dogs naked so I guess the second one expresses my style a little more. But Torrey is adorable either way. Even I have to admit it.

    BTW, does anyone think she should be cast as Mary Ann in the doggy remake of Gilligan’s Island? :)

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