Nothing like a desert sky — 28 Comments

  1. Dear, dear Mary,

    I so agree with you that the sunrise has a softer feel and look to it; the sunset is bolder and brighter. Again, so metaphorical for life. The sunrise is a soft promise of a new day, gentle and possible. The sunset retires the burdens of the hours and settles heavy, but not defeated. Another sunrise will happen. So gorgeous, so right for this first day of spring! Anita

  2. You will land in more beautiful places again soon. Mom has traveled all over the world and is always asked where the most beautiful spot is. She always says there is no one beautiful spot as so many places are wonderful. There are a few spots she doesn’t like at all, but so many pretty and nice places to go.

  3. Seasons and cycles . . . That’s what life is all about. Now that Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner we can look forward to new adventures in loftier environments.

    Oh goody . . . Can we expect maybe a Julie Andrews photo opp from some high mountain top as in the “Sound of Music”? Maybe that would be a good selfie assignment for all of us. What fun!

  4. Beautiful landscapes. The sunrises/sunsets seem to allow the terrain to show off its beauty through more highlighted shapes and textures. Love the photo of Torrey in the sunlight! Such a photogenic and gorgeous pup.

  5. that’s wonderful…think I’m a hopeless case, I tried to take photos of the eclipse today… and it was an epic fail…now I have to wait till 2026 :o)

  6. I’ll miss your sunsets and sunrises too! My area rarely has any drama at those times. When it does, I am usually in my car on the way home from work and the scenery is NOT photo worthy ;-) LOL!

  7. wow — the beauty in the sky reflects the beauty I experience every time I visit here and read your words, see your photos and visit with your beautiful four legged companions.


    Wyoming is one of those places I want to visit — if only because of the name!

  8. We’re going to miss seeing all of those beautiful sunrise/sunset photos too! At least we’ll still get to see Torrey and Roxy though. :)

  9. Beautiful skies for sure, Mary! BUT you are a very creative photographer. I’m willing to bet you’ll find lots of beauty in the city too! :)

  10. Yeah…GO for it! I want to see you singing on the top of a mountain just like Julie Andrews!!! Ha!! A video would be good!! :)

    Seriously…your photos are just spectacular!!

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