Nothing Like a Little Wild Horse Therapy — 23 Comments

  1. Good lord……I just got me some wild horse morning therapy, to help me go on and start a wildly stressful day at school.

    What can I say? You have the rare and blessed opportunity to see these outrageously gorgeous creatures anytime you wish when you’re in the area….and dear Al, OH MARY, I wish him the best of recovery and health; I am happy however, that both of you at least are doing what you love and have the space of nature to bring healing.

    That little colt is SO DARLING, and he survived! The spotted stallion watching over him, what a BEAUTIFUL scene this is! Nature can be harsh, but at the same time, so instinctive, so protective. MAKE THAT BOOK, WOULD YA??????

    • Thanks for the kind words, nature is a positive healer. When I make the book, I know for sure I can sell at least one. Thanks my friend.

  2. That is so sweet that the stallion watches over the little one. Hope he manages to survive. So sorry about Al. I hope things somehow get better.

    • I’m on the fence about the colts survival. I hate to see him in pain, but I hate to think of the alternative too. At least he is cared for and loved.

  3. Oh my! I do believe I could spend hours watching the wild horses. I love that the one stallion watches over the injured colt! They are all such beautiful animals! I hope the little guy recovers soon! Your photos are always beautiful!

    And, speaking of recovering … I hope Al gets to feeling better soon, too! It’s so frustrating when doctors can’t figure out how to help us heal. Best wishes for Al’s quick recovery.

    • I easily spend hours, it’s just so peaceful. I think the colt is beyond healing, it’s possible he was born that way or got injured when he was just tiny. And yes, we are hoping Al recovers some time soon.

  4. Oh my Mary! On this snowy late April morning, I could feel rather depressed but taking in your wild horse therapy is therapy for me too! Thank you!

    Those golden light shots are stunning — but then, so are all the others.

    I hope Al gets through this newest phase of after-effects from the TIA quickly. Sorry to hear he’s not 100% recovered.

    Hugs to you both, and big tail wags to Torrey and Roxy too from Beaumont!

  5. Sorry to hear about Al, hope Al will recover quickly.
    So moving to see the young one hide by mom and the one “he won her over”.

  6. Hello, I am sorry Al is not feeling 1100%. I hope he recovers soon. I love all your horses photos. The young ones are just so cute. The shots of the stallion and filly are awesome. I hope the colt recovers too, it is good he is being watched. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  7. Boy, I had hoped Al had recovered from this. Sending lots of good thoughts your way that his body adjusts quickly.

    Sad about that little pony, it makes me wish I could take him and let him have an easy life. :-)

  8. We are sending our best pawsitive energy out to both Al and to that sweet little colt. It’s good that Al has you and the colt has the stallion looking out for them. :)

    Fabulous pics as usual – I think the “wooing” shots are my fave. Cute couple!!

  9. Oh Mary, you better be sure I will buy that book! I am in love with the photo of the stallion nudging up to the mare. ADORE!

  10. What a lovely break you had. I bet nothing is like watching a herd of horse to get the mind some rest. Sorry to hear about Al’s troubles hopefully he will soon be back to normal. All the best wishes.

  11. I’m so glad you got some much needed therapy, and that the little colt is still hanging in there and being cared for.
    I’m sorry to hear though that Al still hasn’t been feeling well. I hope you can get some better answers and more help at some point. Sometimes health issues can be such a mystery! I suffer from chronic migraines, and some of the symptoms I get at times are just ODD. I’ve seen plenty of doctors who really don’t have any good answers.

  12. I sure hope that those distressing symptoms improve for Al. I am keeping you in my thoughts. I am sure that this is an incredibly tough time.

    As for that little colt, I sure hope that he makes it. I wonder if he was hurt when chased by the 4 wheelers. I’m so glad that the stallion is watching out for him.

    The golden light photos are incredible, especially that first one with the glowing mane!

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