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  1. OH WOW! Look at those incredible hearts! Nature is telling you something, nature is calling you to look in the most unusual places for love. What a great collection, Mary! And I so love that photo of the stark white church features against that deep blue sky! Have another wonderful day! Anita

  2. Wow, the second old mission is beautiful.. Gorgeous inside and out! How is the almond tequila? Lovely images, thanks for sharing your visit.. Have a happy day!

  3. In my youth I visited most of the Missions with my grandparents. In history I read that in Ca. Native Indians help construct the missions. Also that of they didn’t convert to Christianity they wee killed. They waited till the mission was finished of course.

  4. Love your collection of heart rocks. I’m looking forward to stopping at some missions this season. Feels great to be back in the desert :-)

  5. Mary,

    Make sure you visit the botanical gardens in Tucson. It is amazing! They have a cute little art museum there, as well. You two might enjoy that. I have never seen a century plant as big as the one they have at this garden!

    Can’t wait for Anasazi!


  6. The missions are so beautiful and I love how you captured the blue of the sky. It’s such a striking contrast to the whiteness of the mission.

  7. It’s amazing how such a simple exterior can house such an ornate interior! Love all the photos. I get such a feeling of atmosphere from the old Franciscan mission; I love seeing original architecture, even when there isn’t much left of it. It shows its roots in the areas that are age-worn, and it’s amazing to think how much work went into laying all those bricks, cutting all those timbers…I love it. You can practically see the ghosts of the past filtering through. :)

  8. Excellent post – great photos and lots of interesting info. That first church looks almost EXACTLY like one we came upon in Provence France a few years back – amazingly so. It too was very old with wonderful character. I have a very good friend who has a heart rock collection. Have to send her a link to your blog!

  9. I love this kind of stuff so much! How fascinating and you captured the beauty of it all!
    I love your heart rock collection :)

  10. Oh! I’ve been to S.X.d.B and it’s SO beautiful! Jealous of your photos though because when we were there they had a big scaffolding covering half the mission! Did you see any dogs hanging around there? When we were there, there were a couple of dogs in the church, just hanging out and sleeping between the pews! It was quite hot when we were there (June a few years back) and so the dogs were taking advantage of the coolness in the church.

    • Oh – and I meant to say – what the heck is almond tequila?? My hubs loves tequila and has quite the collection of bottles, but no almond tequila. You’ll have to let me know if it’s good.

      • I only saw one dog, and he may have belonged to one of the people that were outside the church. Almond tequila is sooooooooooo good. A friend of mine had some last year, and I loved it. Both times we have been to Mexico I brought some back. Gotta stock up. It’s like tequila, and amaretto together. We always buy premixed margarita, and poor it over ice. Then you add a shot of the almond. Yummmm

  11. Incredible photos of those missions. I love the angles, the color contrasts, and the points of view that you chose!

  12. Beautiful!! I actually have a trip down to Tumacacori this weekend. I was a little hesitant about going but after seeing this post I’m much more excited.

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