An old Wyoming homestead — 29 Comments

  1. I visited beautiful big sky Montana and stayed in a log cabin.
    What I didn’t know is that flies lay their eggs in between the chinks of the wood, and when they breed, there were dozens of live and dead flies to be inside the cabin every morning and night.
    I was disgusted. nope, roughing it is definitely not for me.
    I’ll see the glorious scenery from a car, thank you!

    The pioneers had to be an extremely hardy bunch. No showers, baths, washing machines, refrigerators to keep food fresh, windows to keep out the bugs, doors to keep out the critters, none of the things we take for granted.
    Cleanliness had to be just about impossible so infections were probably more frequent and dangerous

  2. A find like this one is so interesting to see and try to imagine what it was like at the time. It looks great in b/w too. In a way it is also creepy to think of what was there and now it is just a remnant of what it was.

  3. yay! glad you’re linking in with this! so neat to see the old cabin walls still standing. a rough and rugged life made as comfortable as possible, i suppose. :)

  4. I love the old weathered wood.if only the wood could talk. I am sure it could tell us many a story. It muss have been a very hard life in those days.

  5. your photos are simply awesome. i have been a fan of all things Western since i could read… i would so love to see all this. i don’t know how they lived in these cabins, life had to have been even harder than we think it was. thanks for sharing these back roads. i love every single photo

  6. great shots! I can’t even imagine life in such a rural place so long ago. They sure did have to be a hardy bunch. Makes us be grateful for the conveniences we have in present day.

  7. Every time I pass through Wyoming I think to myself ‘I could never live here’. Too cold and always windy. Great photos. Thank you visiting my Not So Good Fence.

  8. I love the addition of the old-time look on some of those photos. Though, they are gorgeous photos without the effect. I do wonder how people lived in log houses through the cold of the winter months. But good Lord, look at the view they had! It is so relaxing and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your travels with us!

  9. Have you seen anyone living in a Yurt there in Wy? Great pictures Mary! They probably had a dug out or cellar to keep things in. I wondered if anyone is buried there. was there a well?

  10. These are all exceptional images. Rough winters in Wyoming…yes indeed. I grew up in Norther Colorado …in the mountains, and I do know that winters can be long, cold, and snowpacked!!! But…agreed, those Tetons, as magnificent as they are are outstanding.

  11. Beautiful photos and I can’t imagine living in a log cabin like that during the winter there… that must have been pretty rough.

  12. It sure makes you wonder and imagine yourself living there. Beautiful country but a hard life!

  13. It would be especially tough to live in a log cabin without a roof during the winter. ;-)
    Seriously though, what a great place to explore!

  14. My grandfather homesteaded near there, in a high alpine valley above Dubois, Wyoming. His cabin had one room, separated into two parts with a sheet. One side was for him. The other was for his horse.

    It was a sad day when he brought his bride back to Wyoming from urban Chicago. The horse got evicted.

  15. WOW. There really is such great history still standing in our land here. I am enjoying looking at the details of the construction and just wondering what kind of lives these people led…surely, it was difficult. Great photos, Mary! And thank you so much for coming to leave a comment. It was a great party! Anita

  16. I love historical places like that that really get your imagination going. I would dread to think how cold it must have been in that cabin in the winter! I wouldn’t have made a very good prairie woman! LOL

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