Organ Pipe national monument — 28 Comments

  1. For your first subject, you did pretty darn great. I can see Al painting this…you have a book in the making here Mary, of the dessert life. Oh how I love your world. And as much as I prefer the clipped boxwood gardens of France and the wild “wilderness” of an English garden, I am now lovin’ on these cacti, all because of YOU.

    Have another fascinating day! Anita

  2. Well what a treat! This morning my hubby was reading his new geographic magazine with wonderful photos. Next I saw yours Mary and thought,”hum…….why aren’t yours in there? Great portrait shot. Maybe Al could paint his face and capture it. Maybe give that man some prints? Just ideas you most likely all ready though about. How about a few selfies or of you taking the pics Mary? Seeing your adventures on your blog makes me want more, more, more.

  3. Such incredible beauty! I love your patience in simply being present and waiting for the sun to set for the light to arrive. Nice.

    and I think your first portrait is stunning.

      • Yeah we were. :) My dad passed away in November and we went to Florence, AZ to clean out his house. We are getting ready to sell it. I love the desert so much that I am having a really hard time about selling it. It’s on over an acre of desert and there is a saguaro, an ironwood tree and a verde tree in the front yard. Every day, there is one of those incredible Arizona sunsets that you take such good pictures of. If only I would win the WyoLotto! Then I could afford to keep it. :) Btw, we are definitely comeing to Anasazi!

  4. What amazing cacti! I love them. Man, I’ve gotta get out that way and just spend a few weeks. It’s gorgeous. Is it as dry as it looks? And I love the portrait! You seem to capture him perfectly.

  5. That whole area around Ajo and Organ Pipe NM was a favorite of my mom’s. Thus I’m hoping to get there next month and mosey around. Beautiful captures as always!

  6. Weird how hard it can be to switch from landscape to pets, to people, etc. Mom is trying to learn to photograph homes for her real estate job and it is so hard even with the special flash and wide angle lens. A different set of rules for sure. Your portrait shot came out real nice.

  7. That’s a perfect portrait for B and W! You really captured it! I am too shy to ever ask someone if I could take their picture. I would be horribly uncomfortable.

  8. All gorgeous photos and I think your first attempt at portrait photography was outstanding. I’m really appreciating the individual personalities of the saguaro cacti, I’m so glad you made me aware of how different each one is. Really enjoying taking these scenic trips with you! :)

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