Our Final Week in the Tetons — 8 Comments

  1. As always, fannnnnntastic photos, Mary! I love them all, but especially Mama Moose and her twins!

    I was sooo happy to see your FB post the other day about the grizzlies!! Finally, a judge with some compassion for the bears and common sense about nature in general!!

  2. Your photos, as always, are lovely. One day Mary, I will find my way to you and I expect you to show me all around. :-)

    I too was so glad the Judge ruled for the Grizzlies. It just proves, the squeaky wheel gets the oil. We need to keep the pressure on so we can protect and save more animals.

  3. I’m so glad there is finally some good news in there!
    What wonderful reasons to get up early in the morning – beautiful shots!

  4. You captured some truly fabulous images during that last week in the park. The Tetons and leaves are stunning at sunrise. And the bull elk… the bull moose… the bucks… the mama moose and her twins. Wow!!!

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