Outward Hound Backpack Carrier Review — 15 Comments

  1. Roxy you are such a pampered girl. Your Mom loves you and wants to take you everywhere with her. You look so sweet riding along in the special back pack. Its been so hot here I have to sleep with a spray bottle full of water with a hint of lavender oil.

  2. Omigoodness! What a GREAT idea! You don’t get seasick when mama runs? I mean, walks?

    P.S. – there’s a contest on my blog, yesterday’s post, if you’d like to enter. If you’re into contests.

  3. pawsome!

    I have a Pet-a-Roo that we use when I get tired.

    We go every day too and my peep walks fast too…and a long ways.

    I often ride on the way back. This looks like a great product!

  4. Oh, CUTE! That must be really nice for when you don’t feel like walking!

    I’ve joked to my fiance that if we got a pug, I’d have to have a backpack like that so that on the return loop of the walk Elka and I took, the pug could ride instead of walk.

  5. Hey guys!

    Sorry if I haven’t visited for some time. I and Chooey have just moved to stay with my sister for some while so we’re trying to keep up with blogging but some sacrifices had to be made.

    Does Roxy enjoy the backpack? What if it’s hot? Will she be alright?

    Huggies and Cheese,


  6. Hey Roxy,

    You look so super cute in there – that would have been handy at Blogpaws, with all the walking around!! I don’t think my Mum will be getting one though, as I’m a little big for a backpack – but love the idea for all my little Doggie friends!

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  7. That is such a great idea! Sometimes I think Leroy and Sherman would like me to be able to do that with them after a long walk! I was just checking out Outward Hound because I am looking to get some backpacks for the Newfs,! They’re prices are pretty good!

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