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  1. Torrey is adorable. How smart is she, knowing exactly where to lead you because she knows you love it there, and she loves it there too! I hear ya about getting away from THE NOISE. Not only the noise, but the peace-less feel of too much city life. I love where I work, I need to (or at least I used to need to) be near a big city. These days, coming home to quiet is what I crave, and for my husband as well. I long to hear the birds again, and this weekend with much milder weather, we heard their song.

    I bet that the silence in the desert has a different feel; an almost tinny sound of pure air mixed with smells and textures….so gorgeous Mary – and after this, where is your next stop?

  2. The blossoms are pretty, I wish I could smell their scent.. I always love seeing your cute pups.. Have a happy day!

  3. Gorgeous picture of Torrey – those pups are really livin’ the life right along with you two. I’m sorry to hear the show wasn’t good and that you have to leave the desert soon. What’s your next destination? Any chance you’ll be able to find someplace almost as quiet and out of the way to boondock? Hope the next show is a better one!

  4. The ocotillo blossoms must be gorgeous when they bloom! Do the orange blossoms smell as wonderful as I imagine? Sorry sales were not good and that noise made staying there even worse!

  5. We’re going to be in the desert in a couple of weeks and I’m hoping to see lots of blooms! Bummer that the show wasn’t good! Great photos, as always. :)

  6. Our son has an orange tree in his yard. I picked a couple of ripe oranges last week and just stood there inhaling the wonderful scent. I couldn’t get enough of it. Enjoy that solitude while you can :-)

  7. Sorry to hear your time in the city didn’t go well, but glad you are now out of there, and back to a place you love. I love the photos of your RV in the middle of nowhere like that, with Torrey looking back at it. Enjoy!

  8. Aren’t the dogs a hoot! If I walk the Vizsla first, when I take the beagle out, he will retrace the exact same places. He’s always very particular where he wants to go.


  9. I’m glad that you’re back in a favorite spot. My dogs are the same – they remember each site that we go to so well… I love your photos today – the orange and the traveling Torrey!

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