Pendleton Underground Tour — 21 Comments

  1. I love places like this where you can literally feel a ghostly presence, examining the artifacts, wondering how these people lived back then. Fantastic photos, awesome history of a once vibrant place!

  2. What an interesting place to visit. So many cool things to capture! Wonderful collection of images. Happy MOnday!

  3. I really feel like planning a trip to Oregon (which I’d love to see anyway) with Pendleton as my top destination. This was a great tour you gave us, Mary, I SO appreciate it. The pics are fascinating (that black and white of the staircase is right out of film noir!). I was so frustrated about that dopey contractor throwing away all that amazing sidewalk glass! But you actually solved a riddle that’s been in my head since I was a child – the reason for sidewalk glass. My grandmother lived in an old town, and when we’d walk to the store, I’d become fascinated by those squares of glass in the sidewalk and have always wondered why they were there. Now I know! :D One mystery of life solved LOL. It’s also amazing to me that in a time of less automation and more handmade things, they made more complicated things like windows with curved wood, which is much harder to fashion than straight boards. And the detail in the angles of that glass! Thanks again for this great post. :D

  4. Very interesting! And so gross about the baths!! We did the underground tour in Seattle a few years back and it was really interesting as well, but very different. Thanks for the tour!

  5. Mom is so bummed she missed this, no one even mentioned it to her! Perhaps because they are on the conservative/Christian side and may think it a bit seedy I have no idea. She did go to the Pendleton mills since she was working then she did buy some things but not the Pendleton blankets her cousin recommended. She can’t remember if the mill still makes the fabric and the clothes are imported or vice versa but its not the factory it used to be. Thanks so much for the tour! Love Dolly

  6. thank you for sharing the tour with us!
    It was very interesting and I with you am not happy about the glass not being re-installed!

    I love Pendleton blankets, only have one, but that is all i need.

  7. Wow, have been to Seattle more than once but never heard of this. I’m a bit claustrophobic tho so your tour is probably the only one I’ll get! Thanks for sharing

  8. This is a great tour! We did the underground tour in Seattle but that underground is nothing but a lot of ruins. I love that this area is so intact. I guess we need to get to this town for the tour:) I knew they made Pendleton wool but have never heard of the underground. Thanks for the awesome tour!

  9. That is so cool and interesting! I would definitely want to check it out if we ever get over that way. Thanks for sharing the tour!

  10. Wow! That is so neat! Thanks for sharing all that history Mary! I’m fascinated with things like this and you did a great job telling the history! Loved the beautiful pictures too!

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