People and how to deal with them-Part 2 — 10 Comments

  1. There are some GEMS in here that still apply, and I need to remember them, like the warm heart and cool head….OH do I ever need to remember that one as a teacher! Good morning Mary!

  2. “…of course our work environment should not be so grim that we cannot exchange a pleasant comment now and then…”
    Workers, please do not pause more than twice a day to exchange pleasantries ;-)

  3. Funny, I used to work with a lot of Time Killers. That is what led to my retirement. Great post, thanks for sharing. Happy Thursday!

  4. It made me laugh when they referred to snobbishness as a “handicap” – that was great! I think people are wasting way more time at work today than ever before because they’re constantly checking their personal phones and posting on social media at work, which is distracting, time consuming, and breaks flow and continuity of work. If every minute they did that was counted, I think they’d be shocked at how much total time is lost per year!

  5. It’s a little more challenging to deal with the ego-crippled person at work since he/she is there every single day… It’s a great article!
    Thank you so much for sharing, Mary. :)

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