People and how to deal with them-Part 3 — 15 Comments

  1. These are becoming some of my favorite posts to read, Mary! Wisdom knows no era or culture or time frame. Some things are just perfect and wise for all times, whether it comes from way back or is applied now. I love the one about sarcasm; it may work within a circle of friends, but not with everyone. I’ve been the “victim” of on the job sarcasm at times, and it does NOT MAKE for a good working environment! Have a super day!

    • I find that sarcastic people think they are being cute, or funny. And are neither. I’m glad you like these old magazines, they are pretty fun.

    • I think being a smart ass, and being sarcastic are two different things. A smart ass can just be funny, while sarcasm can just be annoying.

  2. Great post, Mary! Do people really choose to loose their cheerfulness when they grow old? I hope not! Happy Thursday!

  3. It’s so interesting looking back at these old articles. Some things never change, while others have made such huge advancements in a comparatively short time. So interesting.

  4. taking the kinks out of yourself so he can get along with you– insightful! It could be a life-long goal.
    Thank you for sharing, Mary!

  5. Can you imagine an energy capsule for a watch that would keep it running for an entire year? Wow! These are great!

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