People and how to deal with them-Part 5 — 16 Comments

  1. THOSE ARE SO GOOD, especially that last one. Without making a political commentary here, I will just stay that the last one is so true when it comes to what is currently happening in the world….vacant and misguided mines lead to trouble and the only effective arsenal we have is to teach and support our youth. GREAT WISDOM HERE, Mary! And to you and Al, happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Mom says she would love to live back there where life was so simple, people were nice to one another and respected others. A whole different world.

  3. I know someone who quit their VERY GOOD JOB WITH EXCELLENT BENEFITS INCLUDING THOSE FOR RETIREMENT, because she had “to be pleasant”. She regrets it tremendously now. I never found it hard to smile and be pleasant…a secret to success. …:)JP

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