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  1. WOW, even the before picture is pretty darn good, but I have to admit, cropping itself makes such a huge difference. After I take photos, I can’t WAIT to get them into my computer so I can start the magical process of editing. Writing is the same way. Hours of editing and revising are what lift the words into thought. HAVE FUN, MARY!

  2. I’d never guess this was your first time wire wrapping – turned out very nice and what a bright reminder it will be when you’re back in the sun, of your time beachcombing!

  3. Hello, both photos are wonderful. I do love the edited version. Your sea glass mobile is beautiful! Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. The mobile is gorgeous. I love it. You could definitely sell those.

    The cropping of photo does make it much more interesting!

  5. this is awesome Mary — I love how the intensity of the photo increases with your editing. There’s a sense of connection and communion between the people and the environment. Very cool.

    and I too love your mobile! It’s beautiful!

  6. I love what you did with the sea glass, Mary. The color choices and shapes are in just the right places, and I can imagine how it looks when the sun hits it. Your natural artistic talent made you a pro at wire wrapping right away – the direction and flow of the wires on the glass are so graceful and don’t distract from the pieces themselves. How exciting to make something from “found” treasures! And I really love the picture, it has such a powerful feel that I can smell the inside of that old building.

  7. I love what you did with the photo…it somehow made it look more “real” and enhanced the old building I thought.
    I also love the mobile. If you ever decide to make those to sell, let me know, because I have a friend who would just LOVE one of those!

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