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  1. Congratulations on re-branding the blog! The photography looks great. I actually signed up for a photography class this semester. :) I’m reading your harness review as we speak. As far as things I like to read on the blog, I’m always a fan of product reviews especially when they’re timely (we’re looking for a new harness). Good luck to your and the blog in 2016!

      • I’ll have to check them out. I’ve seen they’re doing a lot of testing on harnesses to make sure they are safe during accidents.

  2. Dearest Mary, Roxy and Torrey! I love that photo of the three of you looking up into the horizon of promise. That is such a great photo and it would be fun to see that photo edited in several styles! I also love what you shared about the photographer’s comment to you: TO FIND YOUR VOICE. How true, how absolutely true. This same concept is very important in POETRY as well. For the last several years that I’ve been following you, I can’t help but put photography and poetry in the same basket. To do both, you have to OBSERVE. To do both, you have to FOCUS and also edit like crazy to take out the unnecessary NOISE in the background. Different angles are important to see an object or space differently, and both artists need to unearth the forgotten, the hidden, the mundane, and elevate them to new shapes and values.

    No matter what the art, we need to express and make sense of what we experience. Have fun finding the magical in every day life dear Mary!

    • Anita I love that you are such a part of my blog now. You are like my greatest cheerleader. I also like that I was an inspiration for you to delve into photography more, because you are excellent at it!

      • Oh I love your blog Mary, and the adventures you take us on? How could I not want to hop on board! Thank you so much because a compliment on my photos from you is highly treasured. ENJOY YOUR DAY!

  3. your photos are breathtaking sometimes and I love it to see things with your eyes… there are so much special little things we often can’t see till they meet you and your cam. Thanks for great photos and the interesting stories you can tell with pictures :o)

  4. Your rebranding was such a great idea. We love the variety on your blog, yet we always know what types of things we will find here. It is a perfect mix in our opinion. We can sense you love what you do which makes is fun to visit your blog.

  5. I also love the variety on your blog, the stunning photographs, and we love following along with your travels. I wouldn’t change a thing!

      • Yes, I was going to email you this morning to tell you I got it. I love it!! It’s supposed to be next year’s Christmas gift for my friend, but I don’t know if I can wait until then to give it to her! Plus I was tempted to keep it for myself! :)

  6. I very much like hearing your tales about Torrey and Roxy and LOVE it when you share what you’ve done yo improve your photos. I enjoy your creative spirit.

  7. I’ve been blogging for over 5 years and I’m about to reach my thousandth post; I post on Seattle, Washington state, and the Pacific Northwest. I love to know a bit about what is going on and sharing that out to the world.

  8. I’ve really enjoyed watching your growth as a photographer so keep it coming. Pictures of the dogs are always nice. But even when Roxy and Torrey are getting a break from modeling (and I know Torrey will be taking it easy for a while), I really enjoy your photographic eye.

  9. I think you have come a loooong way from when you started. The switch to focusing (no pun intended) on photography was a good one. Your photos are just superb. I would like to see more of the furbabies though! Otherwise, your blog is amazing!

  10. I think you HAVE made great progress in your photography. I love hearing about your adventures and the unique places you find and visit but I also love your photos. You have such an eye for seeing beauty in things that other people would probably miss. I know that every time I visit this blog I will see something beautiful, whether it be a dog, wild life or scenery, whatever it is, it will be amazing.

  11. HI – I am new to your blog, but will definitely sign up as a follower. I love the idea of traveling (and making art) full time. Looking forward to following along on your adventures.

  12. Your photography is always inspiring and it drives me to work on doing a better job with my own photos. My favorite blogs are ones that I can learn something from and there’s always something of value here, whether it’s a good tip or an inspiring photo!

  13. I think that the best advice you gave was “be true to yourself”. I find that some blogs are trying to attract commercial interest and bigger audiences… and they end up boring me to tears because they no longer are true to themselves! I know that you are – and that’s a big part of why I like your blog.

  14. I get tired of all the ads and promotions too, I would rather talk about what we are doing. And I think people like that too, so thanks tons.

  15. Hello Mary!
    Love that you travel with your dogs too! I look forward to reading your blog more to learn about traveling on the road!

  16. I love following your blog mostly because you’re my friend and I get to see what you’re up to that way. I also appreciate your posts sharing what it’s like to live full time in and RV because, as you know, I might talk hubby into a prolonged stint in one :)

  17. Your photography takes my breath away, Mary, and it just keeps getting better and better! The way you rebranded your blog to be more true to yourself is absolutely one of the smartest things I’ve seen a pet blogger do. It takes a lot of courage to do something like that, and I think it’s be a huge success for you. And I LOVED your review of the Sleepypod harnesses – it’s so important to help people understand that it’s important to buckle up their pets to keep them safe.

    Thanks so much for participating in the Challenge again this year – the only thing better than reading about what you’re doing is parking next to you and hanging out in person!

  18. I love your advice to other bloggers and I think it’s spot on. I have so much enjoyed watching you evolve into an amazing photographer over the years! So many of your pictures take my breath away!

  19. We have been following your blog pretty much since I started blogging and even with all of your changes we are still here. It’s because of your beautiful photos, the dogs and your creativity. We have seen your photography skills improve along the way and are continually amazed at them.

  20. We have been following your blog pretty much since I started blogging and even with all of your changes we are still here. It’s because of your beautiful photos, the dogs and your creativity. We have seen your photography skills improve along the way and are continually amazed at them.

  21. Interesting that you broadened out your blog and changed the name for much the same reasons I did it and at about the same time too. I gave a big sigh when I saw Photoshop and Lightroom as your editing tools. I always used (free) PicMonkey but it has stopped working on Safari so I’m trying to justify the expense and effort of getting/learning those. Love your blog just as it is and your photography also.

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