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  1. Happy blogaversary! And thanks for joining the challenge. A traveling dog/art blog is definitely a unique niche and we’d be happy to have you do a guest post on Take Paws about Roxy’s adventures if you’d be interested. Perhaps we’ll even run into each other on the road some day (not literally, of course!).

  2. Mary, Roxy, and Torrey,

    It’s so great to find out about your blog from the Pet Blogger Challenge! My parents and I will be back!

    Happy blogaversary! And here’s to little traveling doggies!

    Keep on wagging,

  3. An artsy fartsy dogblog. How about that?! I hope you didn’t laugh too hard at my little sketch. Perhaps you’d like to feature me one day. SEE? Your 2012 wish is coming true already ;)

    Roxy looks to be a senior citizen. She’s very sweet.

  4. So glad I hopped on over to check out your blog from the Pet Blogger Challenge…so great! Looking forward to keeping up with your travels and Artsy Fartsy adventures!

  5. Your blog is so nice and its great to hear how it got started. Your art feature is very unicque

  6. I never read blogs before starting ours either. Honestly, I thought they were kind of dumb. Now I love them and don’t understand people who don’t. Ha,ha.

  7. Connecting with bloggers is by far one of my favorites but you have it right when you say that it consumes so much of our time! I am up way to late at night reading and reading posts!
    I love that you are a schedule person and wish that I had that talent too:))

  8. I really enjoyed reading your entry for the Challenge – I especially love that you have a dog blog with an Artsy Fartsy twist. Looking forward to see how you grow in 2012! :)

  9. It’s wonderful that your work allows you to have Roxy with you so much of the time. I think people and their dogs are meant to work together.

    I feel tired just managing two blogs. I can understand why you worry about time. Three blogs?!!!!

  10. It’s nice to meet you on the Pet Blogger Challenge. :) I’ve not stopped by here before, and you sound like you’re as unique as me, covering a bunch of different things to your interest. I’m going to go have a look at the rest of your blog now.
    All the best for blogging in 2012.

    (Just a note – I had to use a different browser to post this comment, because it said my Java Script was disabled. Thought you should know so you can fix it!)

  11. I love Roxy’s travelling pictures. I thought he was much bigger until I saw the pic of him in your arms. We’ve read blogs about dog and art. We’ve read blogs about dogs and travelling. I think this is the first blog we’ve come across about dogs, art, and travelling! We like to go camping with our dogs too so I’m looking forward to reading your travelling posts in 2012!

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