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Pet Blogger gift exchange — 18 Comments

  1. Great post! I love 24 Paws of Love and definitely don’t get over there often enough!

  2. Thanks…hadn’t heard about this so I’ll go check it out. Have to say I’m partial to the gorgeous Siberian Husky – Siberians were part of my life for many years, many years ago.

  3. Hiya Roxy! Thanks for taking me to this new (to us) and delightful blog…We expecially enjoyed reading the story of how the two packs were formed and all the love and patience it took from both hoomins and dawgs…

  4. Thank you so much for the wonderful words. I appreciate being part of this pet blogger exchange as I have learned so much from following your blog as well. Hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season.

  5. Sometimes I think “How can I get in on one of these gift exchanges” then I think “who am I kidding, I do most of my shopping a day or two before Christmas” AND I HATE to mail packages. I am so bad at it!

  6. They really ARE beautiful! We just love 24 Paws of Love!! Great post!!

    I wish I was living in my RV these days!! Decorating would be a whole lot easier!!

    Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  7. Yes they are beautiful animals and love 24 Paws of Love. When we settle down I am going to get one and name him buddy :-)

  8. So nice to see 24 Paws getting some love. I’ve been really moved by the honesty about their struggles with their dogs. I think 24 Paws of Love is the blog in which I’ve seen the most personal growth in the time I’ve been following.

    Thanks for writing a nice piece and for joining the Pet Blogger Gift Exchange.

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