Pet Portrait Artistry — 9 Comments

  1. I’ve seen a lot of pet portraits, but this artist is better than all of them. Sometimes animal portraits can have an awkward look (that’s the best word I can think of for it), but these are really great with perfect proportions and an almost 3D quality. She’s outstanding! Love the portrait of your two beauties.

  2. What beautiful work she does! Yes, it’s the eyes that she captures so well. The one of Roxy and Torrey is definitely a treasure.

  3. oh, I’m LATE! These are amazing. I saw the one of your sweet girls on Instagram today, and I’m pleased to see even more here. Wonderful work!

  4. Shannon’s work is exquisite!! When I was going to major in Art, my preferred medium was graphite, or anything done in black, white and shades of gray. I am particularly partial to her charcoal work. Gorgeous!

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