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Phoneography photo challenge – Nature — 22 Comments

  1. I take pictures of anything and everything!! I stopped using my Canon when I got my iphone5S…I use the SLR apps and a couple of others and it is just SO much easier!! I love all of these scenery pics…what a GORGEOUS part of the country!!

  2. Mom loves to take pics anytime and a lot, but not too often with the phone unless it is the only option. Such a pretty area once again.

  3. i have a galaxy s4 also and use it A LOT for landscape shots, things i see while driving (after i stop and pull over, of course) and even macros of insects and creatures because it is always in my pocket. :)

  4. I like the way the second one has such contrast between the layers of the sweeping image. The parallel between the mountain and the river. The last image is an apt commentary on our technologically-oriented society that has its advantages and disadvantages. Happy Photo Challenge.

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  6. Lovely photos! I’m always on the alert for photo ops and stop much too often sometimes. Traveling on the interstate can be frustrating when the perfect photo is spotted but there’s nowhere to stop. :-)


  7. I have the S4 too and think it takes wonderful photos. The inside photos don’t always turn out that great, but I’m sure it’s due to the lighting in my house. My boyfriend has the S5 and it takes nice photos too of course!

  8. Oh, that looks so lovely. I want to go to there! I always have my phone with me as well, so i take a lot of photos. Hardly can be bothered to lug out my real camera anymore. only problem is that my iphone doesn’t take nearly as nice a pics as your phone does!

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  10. Great photos and so good to capture them. I’m getting better at taking thing on the fly, but have a hard time remembering the camera.

  11. We love taking photos on the fly too…though many times, ours are not as good as yours. My goodness…who would’ve known that Idaho was so beautiful?!? Happy Tuesday!

  12. I had no clue that this phone can make such good pictures. I always forget that I can do photos with the phone. I will try it too, hope I’m SMART enough to maneuvre that thingy :o)

  13. Wow! Those photos are really impressive for a phone camera. My iphone doesn’t do nearly as good of a job.

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