Photo Challenges and Wildflowers in Arizona — 8 Comments

  1. Wildflowers are so beautiful!! Love the sunrising capture. We are getting rain this week, hope to have a colorful spring. :)

  2. A garden of digital beauty, Mary. Thank you for starting my early morning off with a smile.

  3. that’s beautiful… I love them much more than all roses and tulips… and I love to watch them in their natural habitat… not in a vase ;o)
    Happy valentines Day ;O)

  4. I always love to explore around old buildings like that – it’s too bad you couldn’t get closer. Great photos though! And of course while we’re stuck in our sea of white snow, it’s always nice to see your colorful flowers. Looking forward to more!

  5. The poppies made my heart sing. I love seeing flowers at this time of year. And that sunrise was spectacular!!!!!

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