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Photo Friday – A wrap up of the week — 20 Comments

  1. We are very fond of ravens – such smart birds!

    Missing the wild roses of the West, nothing like that around here.

  2. This is really gorgeous scenery even at dusk in the rain. The paintbrush is a pretty flower and the wild roses are gorgeous. Thanks for your visit. Have a great weekend. Pam

  3. Beautiful! I love the meadows of flowers! I have never heard of Indian Paintbrush flowers before, they are so unique looking!
    Roses are my fav flower, those wild ones are just gorgeous! I can imagine how beautiful it smelled around them!!
    xx husky hugz

  4. love the murky clouds! our paintbrushes range in color from deep reddish coral to pale pink to even rare yellow and albino.

  5. She gives us flowers full of fire, delivered by the Raven black as night. Stunning cascades of water running down the cliffs, such amazing sights. Capturing the beauty around us; so we can see through her eyes, all the wonders of Nature Mother Earth has given us. Thank you Mary Many feathers

  6. I’m a fan of this black birds, they look a little like magic and I love to hear their voices (probably because they sound like me when I sing)

  7. Such great photos, as usual. Your photos of the Indian Paintbrush are making us love this flower too. We love their color and texture. You all sure have the best views around! Have a great weekend.

  8. I love those storm photos. The darkness of the clouds with the green of the shrubs and the light shining down just so. It’s beautiful. You are a lucky lady to have this kind of scenery to look at.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous photos again! Just noticed your social media buttons, how cute are they! Little campers. Just love them! Your whole new look is so you and so fun.

  10. What a gorgeous collection of photos. It must have been difficult to leave that place with the majestic river in your back yard!

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