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Photo Friday — 33 Comments

  1. Where you are at there is lots of beautiful. Being in the middle of the winter to spring change it is real ugly out, so we didn’t join see beautiful today. Love those purple flowers!

  2. the tree shot reminded me of star treck when they say beam me up scotty. My fav pic was the purple flowers. When are you coming back to our side of the planet?

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  4. The light leaks work really well for both photos :), particularly for the selfie. :P The little purple flowers are cute, I assume they are flower buds and yet to bloom? Happy Friday :)

  5. Hi, I saw your blog on Blog Hop from Madi and Mom! Nice to meet you! The desert can be beautiful in the winter, spent 5 winters in AZ and NV in our Montana Fifth Wheel! Lots of fun places to explore and photograph! I love your beadwork, I am a beader, too! We haven’t updated our blogs since July when we moved into our “sticks and bricks”, decided to stay the mild winter in Oregon. :)

    • Thanks for stopping by Kathy, I love meeting new people! No more traveling? Darn. I would love to see some of your beadwork. What part of Oregon? We loved Oregon last summer.

  6. You did a fantastic job with snappy happy!
    I love the light photos and your selfie was very well done as well! The direction you are looking combined with the lighting really worked well together!
    Thanks for your tips on fotor BTW, I checked it out after your reply and you were SO right!!! They have so many more options then picmonkey!!! So thanks for the tip!!

  7. I just don’t play around enough with my photos. I’m too easy. Snap and post. LOL

    Beautiful photos Mary, I like the ones by the river too. There is something so beautiful in the starkness there.

  8. Hi Y’all!

    Absolutely fascinating effects. My Human never takes the time to edit…what she sees is what you get…maybe someday she’ll try an editing program but now she doesn’t have time for it.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  9. Lovely. When we lived in San Diego we camped in Anza Borrego State Park and learned to love the beauty of the desert. The wonderful thing for you is, you know when it is time to leave the desert another beautiful place awaits!

  10. Very cool light leak photos. I never would have thought of the desert as being so beautiful until seeing all of your lovely photos!

  11. Very cool effects!!! We are finally going to visit the warmth of the desert soon – I’ve been jealous of you all winter long. I cannot wait! (BTW, Loveland is about an hour (or a bit more) from me…)

  12. Just catching up with everybody. Too many medical/health things going on with family here! I love your photos. Those are very interesting tree branches, and the effect with the light leaks is rather haunting. Looks like you are seeing lots of great things on your travels. Makes me want to take a road trip. Going back now to see your other entries!

  13. Mary, that light leak effect you got with that first photo is fabulous! Wow! I can never find anything I like when I use retrolux… you did great. And as for selfies… this one is pretty cool! Excellent job with this week’s challenge! Those little flowers are such an intense color.. simply gorgeous. I learned to appreciate the desert when I lived in Tucson… you learn to love the subtle things.

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