Photographer vs Hummingbird or Catch me if you can — 18 Comments

  1. To be easily amused my friend, I think is the “magic happy pill” that so many people would love to have. For those of us who ARE easily amused, we may need to reflect and see the value in having this innate gift to see the smallest object, animal or act of grace as much larger phenomenon. Just look at those beating wings; this is actually the first time I’ve ever seen a hummingbird this closely. Thank you. And when we are easily amused and taken in by such wonder, we are able to remember that our “problems” or challenges are only a small facet of this gem we call life.

    • I completely agree. Being easily amused at the wonder and beauty around us, is a gift that not everyone shares. And how sad for them to not gaze in awe at the sky, or the tiniest of flowers.

  2. The female on the curved branch is my favorite…I just love the composition too. It’s so fun to see the hummingbirds now while we’re in the middle of winter. They are so much fun to watch, and I can’t wait until ours come back!

  3. Amazing captures, I’ve never seen H birds this beautiful on photos. the pair started flying all over, wow!!
    Watching the video is a treat. Thank you so much for the post, Mary! :)

  4. Happy Blogiversary! Love that first shot the most. The colors make the bird look like the fake ones you can buy, too beautiful to be real.

  5. Wow! Wow! Wow!

    Love this series and the video Mary — what a gift to capture their beauty the way you do, and what a gift to see them here!

    Like you, I find myself being easily amused by the beauty and wonder of the smallest, and the grandest of things around me — it keeps me feeling refreshed, and keeps the world in perspective.

  6. Hello, your hummer photos are just stunning. I just love these cute little birds. Some are so colorful! Gorgeous photos and post. Have a great day and new week!

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  9. Lovely work, well done! I embarked on a similar project. This link is from my first ever blog post and it was about hummingbirds:
    I still think the hummer in flight is one of my best ever photos, as it was raining and the shutter speed was quite low and ISO was high. In April I will be posting a follow-up article on Hummingbirds that I photographed in Panama. The photos are so much better and a clear reminder that we need a combination of practice and good light with a splash of good luck! :)

    • David those are very nice!! I have never seen the Allen’s hummer, I need to find one, that’s the hubby’s name. Lol. I will sign up to follow your blog, and look forward to the Panama post. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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