Photographing horses — 17 Comments

  1. I wish I could see such a show once too… it reminds me a little of the song Runaway Horses by Belinda Carlisle (oh what a blast from the past lol)
    easy rider

  2. Oh Mary, I’m aching to photograph HORSES! THESE ARE RICH! Ahhh….I have to travel far outside the metro area to find any stables, and we did find ONE horse stable not too far from here, but I felt strange going on the property to get close. I had to photograph them from a distance and I got to much of the metal fence! These are natural settings you are fortunate enough to capture, and they are full of emotion…LOVE LOVE LOVE! So my goal this summer is to find a horse, several, and snap away. They are my dream animal…I am glad to hear you are enjoying yourself, and your work is fantastic. HUGS!

  3. pretty cool pics of those beautiful horses running towards the pasture. They are magical. I love that barn also. The pictures of the horses remind me of some famous paintings I’ve seen. You did a wonderful job. Congrads on the show also.

  4. Gorgeous photos, Mary. Some of them actually have a 3D look. I’m glad the show went well for you and I hope the rest do too. How exciting to have a new outlet for your work!

  5. Oh my gosh Mary, you out did yourself with these photos…. stunning. So glad to hear the show went well for you. I’m sure you’ll be capturing more fantastic images during the remainder of your stay.

  6. These are so beautiful that I don’t have the words that accurately convey that. I just shared this with my horse-loving friend in Cleveland. She used to own a horse and I think she will LOVE these!

  7. These are amazing shots, I would have loved to have the viewpoint to captures those incredible animals! Nicely done!! :)

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