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  1. You brought back a memory with the Arizona Highways Magazine. Mom’s grandpa used to get it and so did her parents years ago. Congratulations! That is a nice photo, no surprise it was picked.

  2. Literally, your images take my breath away. Those stolen breaths give you a chance to stop, clutch your heart and to realize that this life is full of such eye-catching beauty. MARY, you’ve struck again!!!!!!! Anita

  3. I love the images and your new page. I also checked out your 500px – beautiful work there too. I have a 500px account, but haven’t done anything with it yet. When I do, I’ll circle back to follow you.


  4. That’s impressive that you print your own photos considering how small your living space is. I guess the printer is one of your priority items ;-)

  5. Lovely photos, as always! Hope the biz is going well. (I’m so impressed with all your online stuff you do from your traveling home. I can’t blog when I’m not at home since I only have my ipad – and it sucks for blogging!)

  6. That Kofa range photo is really spectacular :) Way to go. I seem to remember the story behind that one from your blog, which makes it even more fun!

  7. Congrats on getting the photo chose for the website. I’m not surprised at all, your photos are all so amazing.

  8. Hey, congratulations on being recognized by Arizona Highways. That’s quite an honor.

    Have you ever considered allowing one of the stock photo companies to license some of your images? I bet they’d be very popular.

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