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  1. WOW. I am so glad we met this past year, and that I know you. Your vision and yes, how you “bottle it” are special. Everyone out there shares their homes, art, the big city attractions, but you? You share the sky, the shadows, the stillness. Mary, these ARE exceptional photos, and this is you. LOVELY. Anita

  2. Both gorgeous shots! That first is simply amazing! Your comment about bottling the smell of rain in the desert made me laugh. Were you ever a Seinfeld fan? There was an episode where Kramer wanted to bottle the smell you have when you come home from the beach. Of course it didn’t go well :-)

  3. Great capturing of beauty in the desert. I can smell it, really… Its in my memory. Those fragrant creosote bushes I was told as a child are self igniting in the hills of California; you know like the song, ” There’s no gold in California; and the hills turn brown in the summer time.”by Kate Wolf who loved to write songs about the desert and places in Ca.

  4. The photos are amazing Mary, the colors are exquisite, I can see why you love it there so much.

    BTW, I love the smell of rain too, someday maybe I will be able to smell the creosote bush in the desert.

  5. I love all the different colors in the sunset photo as well. I would love to experience the smell of the creosote bush….it sounds so wonderful.

  6. Do you think that Al could talk to my husband about the stopping for a photo protocol! While I adore that first photo, I love the subtle beauty in the second one even more.

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