Photos tell the stories — 32 Comments

  1. YOU are amazing. The turquoise skies you seize, the details of simple things like the tweed weave on that blanket upon which the heart rocks sit, and sweet Torrey. Absolutely breathtaking, each and every photo. Anita

  2. Great photos Mary. I really like fish hook cactus. Who’d a thought that fish made it all the way out there? Are you getting any rain out that way? Stay dry and good luck with the fishing.

  3. Wow, gorgeous sky captures.. And Puppydog is so cute! I love the heart rocks, great finds.. I would travel across the USA just to find try good pizza places.

    Happy March, have a great day!

  4. sorry to hear about Roxy’s back. Give her my love. Torrey looks stunning in the light. Those cacti look uninviting with there pricks. I guess all the blooms are just waiting for you to look the other way and burst forth with all there camera shy foliage. Sneak up and Capture them! The true blue sky looks amazing with those fluffy soft angelic clouds. Good it get any better than this ?? Well can’t wait to see the photos you post next. Its nice that you don’t have to run to the camera store and get film developed like the old days. You just need talented eyes, an adventurous spirit, love of Nature and good health to hike all over God’s creation. Good job!

  5. Torrey is so beautiful! Love these two images. The sunrising is spectacular. And, the sunset captures are too beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing, Mary! :) Hope Roxy is feeling better.

  6. Your gorgeous photos could never be called a photo dump – I consider this more of a photographic art exhibit. Just beautiful.

  7. Mary, the sunset photos are so amazing! I just love the colors in that first one.

    Sorry to hear Roxy’s back is bothering again…hope she feels better soon.

  8. I don’t even know where to begin – some much beauty! I love how Torrey’s fur blows back in the wind, and I love those cacti somehow growing between the rocks. And the sunrise colors were wonderful, spectacular. And what a sunset!

    I can’t wait til our trip to the desert. You’re very lucky to get to boondock all the time!

  9. Holy cow, your pictures as so beautiful. It really just boggles my mind. We have some beautiful sunrises/sunsets but ther are too many houses, poles and wires to really get the beauty of it.

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