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  1. Good gracious…that rainbow has to be the biggest and brightest I’ve ever seen, and YOU captured it! I’ve seen double rainbows, but this is HUGE and fabulous. Mary, those pictographs!!!!! It just goes to show you we humans, no matter what location or culture we issue from, we need to express ourselves and share what we see with IMAGES. Fabulous story here, in PICTURES. Anita

  2. I have always been fascinated by pictographs and petroglyphs. Quite amazing relics of cultures long gone. And the landscape and rainbow photos are amazing, too. Quite spectacular.

  3. These ancient wall paintings are precious. Thank you for sharing, Mary.
    The landscape photos are spectacular; it looks so much like what we saw in AZ last week. Wow, the rainbow!!

  4. The rainbow photos were beautiful. I love when you get a double! Someone the other day posted a panorama of a rainbow which was amazing. I never thought about trying that with a full rainbow. Have you ever used that technique? I was surprised we didn’t get any rainbows (that I could find) while in Torrey. Sure seemed like the right weather to me.

    That one panel of pictographs is so detailed. I don’t believe I’ve seen one like that. John feels that pictographs are really just graffiti of the times. When you consider some of the locations they are found, he is probably correct. Imagine people in 2000 years finding our graffiti and trying interpret it…too funny. But it does give food for thought!

    • I thought about getting a panorama shot. I was really wishing I had my wide angle lens more than anything. The sun came out at the perfect time. 5 minutes before, it was pouring and hailing. It’s hard to say about the rock art. I have seen tons, in many different places, and it always seems there is a meaning there somewhere.

  5. Oh my gosh, how gorgeous those rainbow shots are! I have tried to follow a rainbow before…never did find the pot of gold though. :)

    Those pictographs are very cool…I love ancient stuff like that.

  6. We saw petroglyphs and rainbows on our trip too! (went to the Big Island last week, hoping to share some pics on the blog soon) – but “our” rainbow wasn’t as gorgeous as yours!

  7. Wow!!! We were at the Buckhorn panel that afternoon around 3 or 4 PM. We found a cool quiet place to camp near the Little Grand Canyon, and we saw the same rainbow(s) there! What an amazing day that was on the Swell. Your photos are spectacular! I haven’t had a chance to look at mine yet :) I wish we’d known that you were there!

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