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  1. Oh Mary, how PERFECT. I will confess; whenever I saw photos of the moon this big, I always thought they were enhanced to make the moon look so large. Then finally, I realized that it IS that big for a rare and fleeting moment, and I MISSED that moment! When I woke up from the couch, I looked out to see the redness and even a bit of the eclipse, but this large moon, I missed. BUT, you captured it for me and it is frighteningly fabulous. And for the horse? My favorite. Have a fantastic change of plans.

  2. Wow, I love the moon shots and the pretty horse. Gorgeous captures. Hubby and I love the Washington-Oregon area. We are headed that way soon, to the Olympic Nat’l park.
    Enjoy your new adventure, sounds awesome! Have a happy new week!

  3. We feel things always happen for a reason, so this may be something which ends up to be great. We are not big Seattle fans because of the weather, but it is a beautiful area on a nice day! It is only for a few months, and it could be worse…imagine if you were coming to Minnesota in January!

  4. I love how you and Al live in the moment and forgo planning your life to allow life to be your plan.

    sounds like some exciting possibilities on the horizon — and if that beautiful horse is any talisman, the beautiful things Al will create will be very successful — and misty, moody seas are always worth photographing!

    I am so in awe of your journey.

  5. Lovely shots!! Sounds like the new plan is the right one, especially if it feels that way. RV parks in Seattle are few and far between though. Maybe rent a place for the winter?
    Good travels to you!

  6. As Universe seems to be sending you to Seattle,I’m thinking the perfect place to live will appear and you and Al will be thrilled. Do you know Lisa at Northwest Frame of Mind? She lives in the Seattle area and might have some ideas. Think outside of the box (like you don’t already lol). Love the horse shots!!!! All will be good and I’m happy for you. It sounds like an enriching move for Al.

  7. Good luck on your new venture! Seattle is beautiful I hope you can find an area that you like. Be sure and let Jessica (Youdidwhatwithyourweiner) know you are in the area. The weather was so beautiful when mom was in Settle she can’t imagine it as cold and damp but I suppose that is what it is. This sounds like such a great opportunity for Al with his amazing talent also with lots of potential for the future. Wasn’t there a location for a shop that you liked in WY? Maybe you can make it to the Olympias or to Vancouver and north of there for your nature fix. Love Dolly

  8. Wow, a new and completely unexpected adventure – how exciting! I hope it works out very well for you both. The moon photos – both regular and eclipse – are fabulous. And the wild horse – OMG, one of my favorites since I was a kid! Jet black (I always love the blue/black horses) with a bit of paint. I’ve always loved painted ponies too. Seeing any wild horse/s are such a thrill.

  9. I’ve been to Seattle once upon a time too, but I don’t remember much about the weather. Hopefully even if it’s cool, you won’t have snow.

  10. That sure is a big change in plans but I can see why you’re doing it. It’s funny how our gut feelings are sometimes telling us things we don’t quite understand. So, Seattle it is!!!!

    I love your photos. It looks like you got some nice time with the moon visible. And the horse in the river is gorgeous!

  11. Well, a new adventure sounds exciting, and since you weren’t too excited about Arizona, it seems like it all worked out for the best. We hope it goes well in Seattle, and you have safe travels! I for one look forward to the photo opportunities you might find there – you always make the best of everything!

  12. Seattle is not the worst place to spend some time, but it certainly won’t be dry and warm like Arizona. As always you have captured some lovely images. Enjoy the adventure to the northwest.

  13. I hope that you find your new adventure much more fun than you expect. You will certainly have the chance to meet lots of interesting blogging friends who I’m sure will help you find the wild places you love so much nearby.

    I’m certainly looking forward to your pics.

  14. This sounds like an exciting opportunity for Al! I hope it goes well for him. And for the both of you – who knows, this just might lead to some fun travel and awesome photo opportunities. I hope it does! (Besides, there’s also going to the ocean, right?)

  15. How exciting for you guys!! It sounds like your gut feelings were correct…and off to Washington you go! From what I understand, there are some beautiful photo opps there. Let me know if you are interested in certain places. My brother in law lives there and his wife is a fabulous photographer! I have never been there, although it can be beautiful…I understand it rains a lot! Hope the business side of it works out for your husband and the photo opps work out for you! I sure wish I was on the road again…

  16. such beautiful photographs
    what amazing moon photos
    and the horse walking freely through water, wow.

    i wish you the best with your new venture!

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