Playing at the Imperial Sand Dunes — 5 Comments

  1. Fantastic shots of patterns in the sand and of course Torrey the supper dog model. Remebering the sand dunes in California is a treasure of a memory for me. Thanks for bringing me back to that; “Sands of time”. Sorry Al’s dental problems presist. Sounds like an easy fix. Good to get that taken care of before it gets worst. Jaw loss can accur if infection is left. Enjoy life and live in that moment while your there. You never know what the tide will bring in.

  2. We were amazed when we saw those dunes! Incredible how big the area is! You captured their beauty so well… and they are constantly changing.

    Your photos show how thrilled Torrey was. What a sweetie!

    Feel better to your husband.

  3. We hope Al’s infection clears up, that is no fun! Those photos could be taken in Saudi Arabia or here from the looks of the sand. Very fun.

  4. The light was wonderful, the sand was wonderful, and she was an incredible model! My sheltie loves to run at me when I’m photographing her too…treats are involved. Glad you guys had so much fun!

  5. Torrey is such a beautiful dog! She looks so happy! I imagine running through that sand is great exercise for her as well. Hope Al’s infection gets cleared up soon, so he can get this behind him.

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