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  1. Congratulations on your 1000th post! Wow. And we love your beautiful art and the changes in your blog. Way to go.

    Wag on,
    Tootsie & Renee

  2. GOOD MORNING MARY! Congratulations for this milestone! And your photos really are iconic images. Blogging really does take us on a journey, doesn’t it? And Roxy paved the way. So many ideas start us on this trip we take and we then find ourselves needing to explore and express. I am so glad we found each other. You light up my day.

    Now, I’m off this morning to take a flight to Carmel, California. See you on IG! Anita

  3. Congrats Mary! I haven’t been around for several weeks – just too much going on here – but I just had to congratulate you on your milestone post. Hope all is well with you and the gang. :)

  4. Congrats on your 1000th post! Not an easy thing to do! It has been great to watch things change for you and of course I’m a HUGE fan of your work!

  5. You have come a long way. You’ve pushed the envelope. CONGRADULATIONS! Its not a great morning when I don’t get to sit down and read you’re blog with a cup of coffee or tea. I need to order some note cards with your photos on them. Its sad that I’m completely out; but they were wonderful to send out to special people so they would have a card they could keep or frame. They had bruises on them from holding on to tight when I had to part with a few favorites I was keeping for my self.

  6. Congrats on your 1000 post! Your images are just beautiful. I have enjoyed my many visits to see your blog post and lovely photos. And the cute pups, I love them! Enjoy and have a happy Monday!

  7. OMD 1,000 that’s huge congratulations! I think we’ve been following you since we started almost 3 years ago, in the beginning you were someone that always commented and we really appreciated that. Mom just checked because we are almost at 500 so thanks for the reminder. We’re going to look at the pictures now and see if we can find something. Love Dolly

  8. Congrats on your thousandth post! I find your photos inspirational and, although I DO love reading about your dogs, I also LOVE seeing your other photos and reading about them and your life.

  9. Congratulations on 1000 posts. Isn’t it amazing how we all started out. We didn’t even know there were dog blogs, thought we would be alone, but not really how it turned out. Looks like Taryn got the fun frame with the keys!

  10. 1,000 posts is truly amazing! I am so glad you discovered blogging. Reading your stories and your photo eye candy is a real treat.

  11. Congratulations – 1,000 posts in four years – wow, that’s quite an accomplishment – prompted me to go look at our number!

  12. Congratulations on 1000 posts! That is impressive. I think that blogs sometimes evolve into different things than what they started as, and yours has made a natural progression. I love nature as much as I love dogs, so for me your blog is still perfect!

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