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  1. GOod morning Mary! It’s great to see that there are many people in the world that DO care and support the well being of others, including animals. What a great connection you’ve made with two very special people. I wish them much success as they continue to help support a very important part of the earth’s chain of life.

  2. Sounds like a fabulous program. I’ll definitely spread the word.

    As eventually sail farther afield, I’ve been thinking about different ways we can volunteer. I’ve known cruising sailors who delivered vet supplies to poor island nations. Maybe we can help Project VETs in the future and help keep those shipping costs down (shipping outside the U.S. is a bear).

    Saving this post.

    • Thanks Pamela, I would love to see them get all the help they need. Your idea to carry supplies sounds like a good one too. Candy commented below, and would like to hear from you and maybe see if you guys can work something out.

  3. Mary, thank you so much for the wonderful post! Everyone at Project V.E.T.S. appreciates your kind words and that fact that you have spread the word to all of your followers. It is amazing what can be accomplished, one person at a time. Everyone can make a difference and there are no acts too small!
    Pamela…..what an interesting idea about having cruisers hand carry supplies. I have no idea what that would look like logistically, but we are always open to new ideas. Feel free to contact me with any thoughts.

  4. What a fantastic organization – doing such immensely needed work! Will spread the word, wishing the best of success in all their endeavors!

  5. I almost fell off my chair. Candy used to be one of our vets!!!!! She is amazing, and I’m so glad that she’s still throwing her heart into Project VETS.

  6. This sounds like a wonderful organization. I’ve heard of very few that help animals all around the world, what awesome people to take on such a large undertaking like this. Shared!

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