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  1. Good morning Mary!

    I LOVE Mr. Slow Poke, that darling little slug. Great shot! The rain brings out all sorts of creatures! Yesterday, we went out on a wonderful walk before the rain came in. I caught a photo of a robin listening for her breakfast and other fabulous things. Then the rain started just as we walked in the door.

    Blogging IS a great learning tool and inspires us all to find out more from our initial inspirations. That is one of my favorite photos of yours of the cigar ad.

    Enjoy your Memorial Day and hope it’s not too crowded with motorists. It’s QUIET out here; everyone is up at their cabins up north!

  2. Hello, I just love the snail shot! And the waterfalls is beautiful. I have learned a lot from blogging. Have a happy Memorial Day and new week ahead!

  3. How thoughtful of the two bloggers who took the trouble to research the sign! There are so many wonderful bloggers out there!

    The waterfall is so lovely. So you grew up in that area? What lovely memories you must have of your childhood.

  4. It sad to read about the ruin of the town… You biked up the canyon and to the fall, Wow! Thank you for sharing the stories, Mary. :)

  5. Blogging is a huge learning tool and we are so thankful for it. The first few photos of the snail are amazing!

  6. Great info about that photo!! I learn a lot from our blog, as well! John is always doing research for anything we found, so when I proof read the post, I am amazed what he found:) Haha!

    The photos of the snail are so gorgeous! That first one has so many details of the shell and the snail. Great job!!

    Beautiful waterfall! It is too bad the gift shop is gone but probably a good thing since it would attract even more people. Glad you have your memories:)

  7. Stunning close-up images. Escargot anyone? Thanks for sharing your personal stories on the waterfall. Oh, and I can so relate to driving a ‘big ass’ truck :-)

  8. The factoids and image you got of the Henry George sign were quite fascinating. I love stuff like this. History is so often lost. There is nothing like discovering the old and imagining what it was like back then.

    I love your eye Mary. The artistic plant would have been a boring weed to someone else, but your eye and your camera make it look so beautiful. Love the curl of the leaves. The snails were just amazing. Incredible and amazing.

  9. You get such fine detail in your photos, did I ever tell you I tried taking pictures of berries once? LOL I will have to show you some day.

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