Rainy days in the desert — 26 Comments

  1. Absolutely stunning desert views!! I just LOVE that cactus…although I wouldn’t want to RUN into one! :)

    Your picture that is on sale today is just beautiful…I must share this post!!

  2. We’ve heard it’s been a bit cool and raining down there. Rain is necessary even in the desert sometimes. Pretty photos.

  3. Good glory, that ending photo wraps it all up, MARY! The flora is awesome, but then you take us and we soar to the sky. GORGEOUS! And little Miss Cutie Pie in the beginning starts us on the adventure!!!! Happy day! Anita

  4. Sorry about the rain, at least you managed to get out in between the rainshowers.. The photos are lovely, I love the rain droplets and the neat tree, your cute dogs and the last sky shot. Wonderful post, have a happy Monday!

  5. Yet more gorgeous photos – I can’t get enough! I so appreciate these tours of places I’ve always wanted to see. You focus on exactly the things I’d be focusing on – the beauty of nature and its details. And I love that photo of snuggly Roxy! :)

  6. The pictures are more fantastic than ever. The one of Roxey is my favorite. Well I had my photo fix this morning with coffee. So glad your’e there taking fantastic photos you share. I hope the sun will shine for you today. Right now I’m singing to myself itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout. Down came the rain and wash the spider out. You guys are the spider.

  7. Beautiful shots, as always. That wash looks like a great place for the dogs to run! Long as they don’t wash away in the downpour… Rainy days are so rare here, I just love them! And, yes, it would be amazing to be there in spring and see all the flowers!

  8. Wow, that is a lot of rain. That always makes me nervous while boondocking even though we try to always park on high ground. Should be a good showing of blooms come spring. We’ll stay in AZ all of Mar and most of April to hopefully see it. I’d love to see the Superstitions when the yellow poppy’s are blooming :-)

  9. Your weather is a lot different from ours, but I love that we can still see the beauty in weather that some people might complain about. You got some lovely images and it looks like a gorgeous spot to call home for a while!

  10. Somehow “riot of color” and “dessert” have never seemed possible to me – I learn so much from you!! Don’t get washed away there ;)

  11. I’m running out of original words to describe how beautiful your photos are to me! When it rains in the desert, it pours? Or does it just not absorb the water very quickly? Either way, I trust you didn’t wash away, and look forward to more photos. :)

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