Too rainy for fun around here — 32 Comments

  1. Those are AWESOME sad looks – I hope they paid off for you!
    We’ve been thinking about ways to be entertained inside too. I think we’ll be practicing our sad eyes, you set a great example :-)

  2. We had a pretty mild weekend and I took the boys on their longest walk to date since the “knee incident”……but now, a huge winter storm is passing by, dumping tons of snow and bringing single digit temps tonight. That definitely counts as mischief!

  3. Aew! Look at your little faces!! I’ll come give you some food! Haha!
    Not much mischief here. A rather relaxing weekend. Which was well needed. Hubby is working on our anniversary today :( ah well, such as life I suppose!
    ((Husky hugz))

  4. It sounds like none of us can catch a break with the weather!
    Hope the rain stops soon so you can go out and enjoy the day!

  5. Those are pretty sad puppy dog eyes, that’s for sure!
    Moses and Alma similarly sulked this weekend, too. Not because of rain – that, we would welcome. Instead we had to survive -40 with some wind warnings. I may have used bully sticks to cheer them up.

  6. Omigoodness! That mean old weather has been having fun all over the country! We got a couple of inches of snow yesterday, on top of ice. Even got some great thunder! But I’m not complaining. It’s beautiful!

  7. you two are precious! we had ice/pelting snow and thundersnow yesterday in texas and temps in the teens. the pups and i were happy to be inside, but they’re getting muddy in the snow this morning.

  8. We had some welcome rain in California that went across the country where it was not so welcome. Sorry for that.

  9. Phew….so glad you made it back in time and didn’t get soaked! If you can’t play outside, you might as well eat, right? :)
    Great photos by your Mom of the storm clouds in both yesterday’s post and today’s.

  10. Hope you get some better weather soon. A rainy day here and there isn’t bad but more than one and it gets boring.

  11. I am glad that you beat those nasty storms on your walk. Y’all look very pitiful and I think you definitely need a treat to cheer up! Great storm clouds photos!

  12. Rough weather. I hope you saw the sun today, perhaps? The storm clouds are dramatic, and you two are doing the dramatic look very well :)

  13. Goodness you two are pathetic! Try making it through a winter up north! But, I hope your sun comes back soon so you can go on more walks with mom. Love Dolly

  14. Oh you poor guys!

    I know how you feel as we’ve had some rain and my playing in the garden time has been restricted – doh!

    Our rain is about to stop, I hope yours is too,

    Hang in there guys

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  15. We have not had real rain in months, I am wondering if my new little boy has even seen decent rain. He would probably freak out about wet paws. Your furkids have sure gotten the “I’m so sad” look worked out. The scary thing is that our furkids know that it will always work on us eventually.

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