Rainy Ravens and Sunny Rainbows — 12 Comments

  1. Oh Mary, you have the best job! You can hang out with Mother Nature and document moments that will never return again. LOVE these ravens and that cactus!

  2. My mom finds it funny how “cold” is always relative. She remembers going to class at UofA in Tucson her freshman year wearing shorts and loving it while the “natives” were wearing down coats! Good luck at the art show. Hope the weather cooperates.

    • I’m a cold weather wimp, bad. Funny because I’ve lived most of my life in cold snowy places. I’m too old for the cold now. Lol

  3. Since having subscribed I’m enjoying your photography and brief comments about the campgrounds for future travel considerations.

    • Thanks, I’m glad you are enjoying it here. We don’t stay in campgrounds very often, so I enjoy the nicer ones when we have to be in one.

  4. I love the raven photos….they look like such a sweet couple! Good luck with the upcoming show, and hope it gets warmer for you! It’s not really fun standing outside when it’s chilly out. It’s one thing if you’re out walking or moving, but I can see how doing a show in the cold wouldn’t be ideal.

  5. love your raven photos, they are gorgeous creatures.
    the desert photos are wonderful too.
    Makes me want to go to the desert, something i rarely think of doing.

  6. Those raven photos are fabulous. I love ravens. The texture one turned out great! And what a rainbow!!!!!

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