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  1. Good morning sweet Mary….aren’t these moments so special? A darling little lady bug (I don’t think any bug could top that cute bug you shot a while back!) and the dog’s content faces….and cute paws are moments that nature gifts to us. There is that loyal spirit that comes through the eyes of the dogs, that peaceful grace in their close proximity to you, it is all beautifully captured. And your frames! Wonderful colors indeed to celebrate with!

    School is almost out here…with one more week of instruction to go, then a week of finals, grading, then eight more days of what’s called May Term. THEN, I’M OFF TO CARMEL for a photo spree!

    Have a wonderful day, Anita

  2. This paws are made for walking :o) I wish dog paws could talk, we would hear a lot of great stories. wonderful photos for a super beautiful post. BRAVO
    easy rider

  3. Beautiful. I loved seeing all the decorative trim on the doors and elsewhere. I love that kind of stuff.

  4. Of course we loved the paw pictures. I think those frames will sell photos as you can actually imagine them as part of your home decor. Nice! Love Dolly

  5. I love the lady bug’s heart shaped eyes!

    And your frames are beautiful.

    As are your furry friends.

    There is such a beautiful sense of delight and gratitude in this post.

    thank you for waking my day up with such beauty

  6. You enjoy and embrace Nature like a Mother embraces her child. What a better way than to show it with your accented frames and photos with the personal touches of color, character and randomness of class. You’ve done it all!

  7. I love ladybugs too, and you got such a great pic of that one. From the corners of the frames you pictured here, they look beautiful. I love frames with interest, but yours are so unique. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I do like the details of the wooden frames – I wonder why some people call them Ladybugs, while other call them Ladybirds? That kind of question interests me!

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne

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