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  1. I just LOVE that you had Al turn around for the Lumberjacks! They all look so happy that you joined them! What a beautiful cactus…awesome that it bloomed for you! Good luck at the show!

  2. Good morning, BEAUTIFUL! Now that is one cool picture of you with the lumberjacks. OK MEN, HERE COMES MARY! What a lovely feeling to be surrounded by such beefcakes. teeeee

    Then your selfie with Al. That is cool….you find the best places, AND your little cactus is darling! We were thinking of getting one for our patio!

    Enjoy another peaceful day dear Mary. The world is going berserk; with the latest violence in Nice France (where I lived for a time) is just heartbreaking.

    Be well.

  3. Hello, cool shots of the lumberjacks. I like the selfie shot and the view of the mountains is gorgeous. Good luck with your show! Happy weekend!

  4. I love the photos of team jack… it’s probably the first time I saw such a team… thanks for making things “real” for me :o)

  5. So if you’re in Montana you’re just a few hours south of Calgary…. c’mon north of the border and say hello! We’ve got room and Beaumont would love to meet Roxy and Torrey! :)

    Love the photo of Team Jack — and the one Al took of both of you. Very cool

  6. That sunset is amazing. I love how the mountains turn to gold. And the lumberjacks! Wow! What girl doesn’t love a field of lumberjacks?! LOL ;)

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