Rare Indeed — 22 Comments

  1. Paws crossed they choose your photo for the photo of the day. The bottle caps are pretty neat. The only one Mom recognizes is the Hires Root Beer.

  2. Hello, I love your moose and the road shot. Both are favorites for me! Congrats! Happy Tuesday!

  3. How exciting and congratulations! I’m not surprised though, your photos are amazing. That ribbon of road and the scenery is incredible – you got just the right angle on it. I love Custer and his rare little mini-antler – maybe he’s so old that his regular antlers just can’t get any bigger, so a new one started shooting out LOL. I love that micromosaic frame, I’ve seen lots of micromosaic work in antique jewelry and frames, and it always amazes me how they did that back then. Also the incredibly difficult caviar beaded purses with elaborate scenes are mindboggling. I know some of them did lose their eyesight from all that close work in poor light, and many suffered physical pains as well. But the work they left behind is truly awesome.

  4. Oh I LOVE that they chose the road photo !!! I think that is beyond cool! Congratulations! I love the mosaic too…as for the bottle caps, I HAVE heard of “Hires” Root Beer!!

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