Red Flowers and Skies for Christmas — 11 Comments

  1. Awwwww…..beautiful red flowers and birds…the Verdin reminds me a bit of a warbler here. And the male hummer, oh my….and I’ve never seen a hummingbird puffed up like the Mrs. you got….and quails are some of my favorite birds out there…and then oh my, your little girl. Katie is almost completely deaf too, but she still sees, and so far no dementia, though the vet warned us of that. I’m so sorry she’s struggling. I’m glad you have the backpack. Enjoy your Christmas walk. We’ll be taking one too.

  2. Oh how lovely! I’ve never seen a costas hummingbird nor a verdin so now I’m keen to do so. Your photos really show them off well. Thank you for sharing! You are not alone with the doggie age issues. Our Oreo turned 15 in October. He also is showing signs of dementia. That along with his kidney disease keeps us on our toes! We too use a backpack for him. I love the comments when I take him out on the trail. Most of the doggies are jealous I think, haha! Your Roxy is such a precious baby and so lucky to be in your clan.

  3. Beautiful photos. Poor Roxy, old age sucks! Remember a year for a dog is like 5 or more human year which is one reason why things progress so quickly. It’s great she can be in the backpack and still go along on hikes. Merry Christmas!

  4. Oh dear Mary….sweet Roxy has been a huge part of the blogging world here and I can’t bear the thought of thinking of the day you will have to make that decision. She is as beautiful as ever and your photos of the birds are always so enchanting. Big hugs to you dear Mary, and enjoy the season of love.

  5. Beautiful nature photos, as always! Aw, sweet Roxy. I’m glad she can still enjoy the hikes with you, with a view from the backpack. Bless the dear girl. Give her a birthday kiss from me. ❤️ Merry Christmas to ALL of you!

  6. Happy Birthday Sweet Roxy! 15!! How lucky you are. I feel your pain, Dakota is having hearing issues, high BP, he has some arthritis and often had trouble getting up and I am thinking he might also be starting a touch of dementia (although my husband is in denial about that). We are trying to cherish every single day as I am sure you are too (((hugs)))

  7. We are sending big hugs to Roxy, and to you as well! It is a tough time when they get old. We hope you had a Merry Christmas! I don’t know, after all the running around and socializing for Christmas, I think alone in the desert sounds pretty good….and far more relaxing! :)

  8. Finally catching up on some reads I’ve missed. Love your ocotillo and birds! Definitely festive!
    I wish you the best in dealing with Roxy’s issues. Oh my gosh it is so hard. Fifteen is something to be proud of. I love that you still take her hiking in the backpack. How cute is that?! Hope you have a wonderful New Years!

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