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  1. Alright, the critter made me a bit crazy, but when I settled back down, I have to say I love the reflection photos, they look almost more like paintings!

  2. Good morning Mary! I am a bit late; bad storms in Minnesota cut out our internet service and this morning, I was at a loss!

    LOVE that prairie dog….they look as if they are praying for their next meal! Gorgeous Tetons….HEY! I FOUND MYSELF SOME HORSES YESTERDAY! Up about 30 miles east of here there are tons of them. A dear lady allowed me on her property and I had the most magical afternoon…..BE WELL!

  3. Youv’e come a long way Mary Hone,, You are the best professional Photographer. The reflection in the water and the little critter picture were very awesome. My fav was the flowers.

  4. I agree with Mary. You’re developing such an amazing eye. Thanks for bringing us along on your visual adventures.

  5. Really beautiful pictures! Mom got a reflection picture of Taffy at the beach purely by accident, could never have done it if she tried. Mom’s cousin loved the pictures of the horses. In the summers she worked the tram and watched the horses come in. Love Dolly

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