Resilience in the Desert — 11 Comments

  1. I first thought …oooh I would like to crawl in such a mine… but you’re right it is scary and I feared the darkness and that what maybe will lure there while watching it a little longer…

  2. It might be interesting to get in there and check it out…but you are right…that would be terrifying if something happened and there you are…out in the middle of nowhere! Best to be on the safe side…take the photos and take off! Happy New Year to you two!!

  3. It amazes me that many of the artifacts from quiet lives gone by are still there. That some museum curator hasn’t come by yet is mind-boggling. These places are testament to exactly what you are saying. We are wanderers in search of fortune, hope. Awesome shots, Mary!

  4. I think off-the-beaten-path places that aren’t on tourism sites are the most exciting of all. These shots of the mine are both exciting and have a sort of lonely feel of desperation because of all the time and hard, hard work those miners put into trying to strike it rich – and in an isolated place, away from family, in an era when traveling there was extremely difficult. Your photos tell the whole story. And I just happen to be partial to lone trees, lone flowers, lone anything growing in unexpected places, holding their own and standing proud. So those really touched me. :)

    • You would love wandering out here and finding all this old stuff. I always try to think of who the people were, did they stay long, did they get rich?

  5. wonderful collection of photos.
    the mind hole going down into the earth is a bit unnerving to me as well, but i like seeing the photo ;-)

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