Review of the Kurgo back seat barrier — 15 Comments

  1. Oh my goodness, your sweet pup KNOWS that the camera is ON! What a face, and what a good product to keep everyone safe! I bet the dogs get super enthusiastic about going for a ride! MARY! Happy Christmas out there in the beautiful place you call home. Anita

  2. I have to say, I had one of these and it did nothing to keep stubby legged Jimmy in the back. He would just power over the top and there he’d be, sitting in the driver’s seat. Where there’s a will there’s a way, I guess :-)

  3. It looks great and much better than the thingy we bought once. Think we will give it a try, hope it’s strong enough to keep Easy on the backseat :o)

  4. Looks like a good product. We learned from day one to stay in our seat when we get into a car or SUV and have never attempted or thought of jumping over the seats, but lots of dogs do that.

  5. Bentley is a horrible backseat driver. He feels certain you need his guidance in the traffic. This sounds like it would work much better than my arm! LOL! I love it.

  6. Oh gosh, I dunno… I might find a way to leap over or through that thing… what do you think for a clever little 15 pound pup like me? *wags*

  7. I’m always stuck in the backseat anyway since I am buckled in with my harness however that is probably a great product for dogs who like to “roam” into the front seat.

  8. That sounds like a good product. We still use seatbelts but something like that might be helpful, especially when we take off the seatbelts to leave the dogs alone in the vehicle.

  9. We have this barrier and like it, but unfortunately both Cricket and Luke can jump right over it! Sheba doesn’t though, so it does work for at least one of them, and it helps keep them back there when the front seat is full (and I at least don’t have to keep using my arm to keep them back there).

  10. This sounds like a terrific barrier! I wish they made one that would be wide enough to fit between the front seats of the RV…I will have to go and look on their site! How can you resist that face????? So cute!! Great Review Mary. Thanks!

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