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Review of Minties and VetIQ — 14 Comments

  1. I think it’s time for Mom to get us some of those tasty treats. Maybe I should BREATHE on her more so she can smell my breath and figure out I need them! BOL

  2. I like the Minties and my staff too (specially when I had seafood lol). It’s great to have treats what are healthy too!

  3. The Minties look similar to Greenies. The one and only time I ever offered one to Wilson, he swallowed it whole. And it wasn’t small! Scared me to death! Thank goodness it digested w/o issue. He never got another!

  4. How digestible are the minties? Delilah is a BIG CHOMPER and would probably break it into three hunks and swallow them. I worry about an obstruction, PLUS she’s an avid and enthusiastic chewer who has actually broken a tooth because she chews so hard.

  5. The photo of Roxy with the Mintie is so adorable! We loved our Minties. We brush our teeth, but a breath mint is always a good thing.

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