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Review of Organix South Theraneem dog soap — 11 Comments

  1. Mom bought neem concentrate from Organix about 8 years ago. It was for diluting for a spray for the veggie garden. She doesn’t remember them having a bar soap then so will have to check it out cause she likes using the bar soap better than liquid on me too

  2. I will have to get this for my doggies. I cannot bathe them yet but when it warms up here we can try it.

  3. You’ve convinced me. I hate using the shampoo on the Aussie coats! You are exactly right. Never thought of using bar soap. Shoot, I don’t using liquid soap on my own body, because I know that liquid soap is drying. My poor dogs – I’m seriously switching to bar soap for them. Thank you!

  4. You two look fabulous and now you’ve got me thinking that maybe we should be trying this. Brut has that thick undercoat that he so hard rinse out and I end up using too much soap because I can’t get the soap around real good. Plus Mr. Fussy does a singing jig in the bathtub so it makes it all the harder to rinse him really good. lol I’ll have to check into that soap. Sounds good.

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