Review of the Sleepypod Clickit Sport — 27 Comments

  1. well that was a dog gone good review! This has made me to decide to get two of them. Because of your review It has made me realize that this is needed when you travel with your fur kids. I put cats in the travel crates when going to a vet and when we take the dogs for short trips only so far a sudden stop or wreck could send them flying. Its nice to know you can use for a harness to walk them also. I will go look at the prices. You can’t put a price on their safety though.

  2. I got my new Clickit Sport too! It is so much easier to use than the Utility but I think I will be using both (since the Utility is already set up in Ma’s car). I think it fits better…but have you figured out what the velcro straps are for? BOL if so, let me know…please. Happy and SAFE travels!

    • Undo the tabs where you adjust the straps on the side and it will then attach to the inside of the larger strap. Then there is nothing hanging loose.

  3. I need to get car safety gear for the dogs, but I just can’t decide which one to get. Sampson likes to move a lot and change positions. Is there any flexibility with this system that lets the dog move.

    And of course, I love the photos, she’s such a beautiful dog.

    • Jodi, Torrey like to move around to. She obviously can’t roam the whole backseat, but she can sit up, lay down, and change positions very easily. These are a great harness.

  4. I was a bit wary of the last one because I heard so many folks complaining about how hard they were to get on, and how their dogs couldn’t lay down easily (an issue for long rides) so I put off the purchase. It looks like the laying down issue is not applicable by this one with the lovely photo above :) How is it for getting on and off easily? And do you know when they’ll be safety testing this new design?

    Great review!

    • Torrey could lay down OK with the old model, but this one is much better. Her legs don’t get mixed up in the straps. Very easy to get on and off, and adjusted. They have safety tested the sport and you can find that on their website.

  5. That looks like a great harness! Thanks for the review. I’ve been meaning to do some research about car harnesses for Ginger dog.

  6. Great review! We’re still looking for something that I feel will really protect the girls in the car, and this definitely looks like something we could work with!

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