Review of the Solvit Sta-Put deluxe bench seat cover — 34 Comments

  1. This looks fantastic and exactly what we need in Idaho for our big Truffle. Thanks for sharing this great review! :)

  2. We just use a blanket here but then again we are not in the car that much. Looks like a good product. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. We use blankets but those move around and leave the seats uncovered. We would love to enter to win this. Our seats in both the car and the truck are a light grey and that gets dirty real quick!

  4. These look like they would stay put and very attractive also. I would love to win a set of these for my doggie travelers! I have light tan seats that are cloth and this would protect them plus look sharp.

  5. I would love to win this because my dog and I are always in my car and her hair is all over the car. At least this would keep it just on the seat cover. Plus all dogs need to be seat belted in. They shouldn’t be allowed to just sit in the car without being locked up. This is perfect!

  6. I would definitely love to win the cover for John’s car! Not only is he very picky about dog dirt in his car, but the cover we have is nearly worn out!

  7. We love our Solvit Sta-Put Deluxe Seat Cover too! It is comfy, stays in place and keeps the back seat nice and clean. It also allows my travel harness anchors to come through, just like yours! Good luck to all who enter…the winner will be very pleased with the cover!
    Happy Monday!

  8. My back seat is usually down flat to fit both dogs, but I would love to try a seat cover if I was traveling with just one dog (or if I got one of those bridge things…

  9. Sounds like a great product. We have beach towels in the back. This looks like an interesting product though.

  10. Not entering the giveaway as we already have that very same one! It works very well. And your post reminds me… it’s due for a turn in the washing machine!

  11. Have three dogs and we are always on the go in the car, this would be great

  12. My dog sheds like crazy and starts drooling as soon as the car starts moving!

  13. I could use this because the sheets I put down over my seats can’t keep up with my Aussie and her always dirty/wet self!

  14. I have high shedding dogs that spend a lot of time in the car as well. However, I have yet to find a seat cover that will cover the whole seat and stay put, but will also work in a car without headrests. Would love to try this one.

  15. I love this! Mom’s getting a new car soon, and while I hardly shed at all, Pike’s shedding is picking up. We could really use this!

  16. What we won’t give for a seat cover that doesn’t move! We have 3 fur babies; 2 IGs and a Rottie/Chow mix. We travels with them everywhere but the 250 mile trips we make to JAX every other week are challenging at best with a canvas seat hammock and sheets and blankets that we fix every time we stop because they’re every which way. Everyone, especially our Rottie/Chow will be forever grateful if this will contain those Iggies. :)

  17. That looks like a very nice seat cover. We would love it because Prince and Nadie love to go bye-bye but they are pretty tough on the seats. Right now we are using a sheet but would love one that stays in place!

  18. That looks really well made and comfortable! We may be looking for a new vehicle in the near future and that might come in very handy!

  19. We have to use a seat cover all the time since Luna sometimes gets sick during travel. I love how snug this one gets and it looks extra comfy.

  20. It looks so comfy too! I love that it stays in place :) We are using blankets right now but they don’t stay in place very long with our dogs.

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