Review/Giveaway of the Ecocamel shower head — 16 Comments

  1. Yes I want to save water!! Not only because of the monthly bill but because of our ecosystem!!

  2. It is cool looking, kind of like a Dyson fan style! That would be tough not being hooked up to water, so I guess you really do have to watch water use.

  3. This is great news for us with RV and low pressure in our shower at home. We will most likely buy of one these after your tired and true method testimonial.

  4. Oh, we need that here in CA! We have a low-flow showerhead but it sucks. No pressure, so we’re probably still wasting water since it takes so long to get my hair rinsed out.

  5. Sounds like a great shower head. Saving water is important, especially lately! Thanks for sharing the review!

  6. We had drought the past three, four years until this year, have been using water conservatively. One of the things we do at home is that, we dump kitchen water into a large bucket, then my husband take it to water plants and flower beds. We put out “do not disturb” sign on the door handle when we stay in a hotel room, so to help save water on the daily changing towels and sheets service.

  7. Aint technology grand? I’m so thrilled to hear that someone has invented a product that serves such a good use and works well too.

    We plan on doing lots of sail boondocking ourselves (otherwise known as anchoring out). We have lots of ideas about harvesting rain water and plan to use a sun shower (dark bag that heats water in the sun) for showers on deck.

    The boat’s head is really too small to shower comfortably and we don’t want to have active water below if we can avoid it.

    Enjoy your new shower head. And it looks like you have a lot of excited contest entrants.

  8. Water, a precious commodity! Worth finding any way possible to conserve and save water – this shower head looks perfect! Thanks for the review, as well…helpful! Travel On! *smile*

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  10. Excellent review Mary! We are interested in this shower head, not just for the RV, but for the cottage as well. We pull our water out of the lake and use a pump system. Great to know that this shower head is powerful enough to rinse the shampoo out!!

  11. Very cool! In the past we’ve tried different low flow shower heads but were never happy with the amount of pressure we got from them. It sounds like you’ve found the right thing there!

  12. Very pretty design! I’m impressed how the shower head creates water pressure, way cool.

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