A Roadrunner, not Running Away — 15 Comments

  1. I love your view of the world — always awe-inspiring!

    And now, I’m going to have to go to Instagram and find you so I can hear Al playing his flute!

  2. No wonder my road runner email is always screwed up! Look at that little guy!! I thought they were MUCH larger!!!! Love these photos and the question mark is DEFINITELY a “sign”……..question (pun intended) is…”What???”

  3. Oh my, Mary Beth Hogue and I are thinking alike! I was going to ask where Wile E. Coyote was. ?

    I loved the Road Runner cartoons when I was a kid, and still do. I even have a brass bookend of a running road runner amongst my souvenirs of a trip to Palm Springs in 1982.

    Glad Al is feeling better!

    • I almost named this post Roadrunner…beep…beep. I loved the cartoon too. Although they lied to us. Coyotes run 43 MPH, and roadrunners only 20. Oh well. Lol

  4. Those are amazing pictures. I never knew roadrunners had such amazing markings either. Those shots through the red rock are incredible. And I think I know what the universe is saying with that question mark…only I say it with exclamation points.

  5. Roadrunners are such adorable and cool birds, I’m so glad you got those shots. Of course the Roadrunner was always one of my favorite cartoon characters too.
    Life on the road looks good! That question mark surely did seem aptly timed, though probably none of us need it to remind us that we have questions, so many questions, in life!

  6. THAT IS WILD…that question mark!!!!!! And the Roadrunner, what a great moment for you, Mary!

  7. Hello, cool series of photos! I love the Roadrunner, they are neat birds. The red rock is gorgeous. The question cloud is a great find. Enjoy your first day of Spring!

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